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We always ask people who have completed the course to give us feedback on their experience, what they liked and how the course helped them. The following are testimonials of some people who have taken the course. We greatly value the feedback we get from course participants and over the years since we started the course in 1999, the feedback has helped us to shape the course to meet the needs of each particular group.




"Its a gentle encouraging and subtle space that helped me to unravel personal issues and make sense of them. This gives me clarity and peace of mind and therefore enabling me to choose the life I would love to live."




"I did this steps course last year. I am in contact with all the group every day on whats app, we trust each other and there for each other. I trusted no one when I joined steps . I have tools learned in steps to stop fear and listening to my head, I have compassion for my self now. A lovely group that I trust and great counselors Marika & Marie who listened and helped us and treated us with dignity and respect. The best money I ever spent, I got so much from steps that I learned gratitude to make me happy and people around me. I would recommend steps."




"I am so grateful to all the facilitators and  participants on this course for helping me on my journey. It was hard at times but we all helped each other as a group and still continue to do so. Well done Flatstone."




"I use to be tormenting myself with a lot things going on in my head all the time and I don't do that any more, most of the time anyway. I learned to talk to the people rather than talking to them in my head".




"Thanks for giving me the space to grow. A course that I will never forget. Came into it broken but was allowed to mend at a pace i was comfortable / able for."

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